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Want Answers To Only NYC Tickets Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have inquiries about Only NYC Tickets or our tickets, you can see most answers in the FAQ. If you have specific problems not answered here, just contact our customer service hotline. Contact us by phone at 718-412-0539 or fill out our support form.

After someone gets a ticket from a primary box office -- known as the primary ticket seller -- they have the option to sell that seat to any other ticket seeker. Sellers in the secondary market may include firms, box office promoters, licensed ticket sellers, and individual people like you. Only NYC Tickets shows you tickets from a popular ticket marketplace, and directs results to only New York City and neighboring areas so you can easily discover the perfect tickets in your town.

Since the secondary ticket marketplace uses a price per demand model, you might discover that price points shift over time. It’s not surprising to see tickets priced at under primary pricing. You may also discover in-demand seats for shows that are sold out that might cost more than the box office price. The trick to the secondary ticket market is to look back over time to find who’s coming to New York City.

Contingent on the seller and event, you might receive your tickets in a few different ways:

E-mail: A ticket code will be sent to your email before the start time, and you should download your barcoded ticket. These e-tickets may need to be obtained via My Ticket Tracker.

Shipped: The seller will mail the physical tickets with FedEx. Purchased tickets are pledged to arrive before showtime, and you will have a FedEx tracking number once the tickets goes out.

Will Call: Tickets will be waiting in the event’s box office or will call window.

Location Pick-up: Tickets will need to be collected at an outside place other than the venue (not more than thirty minutes away from the event).

Paperless: The seller will come and meet you at the gate and walk you to the box office.

Flash: The ticket seller will mail you a prepaid card that you will scan at the event front gate. It will have the initial sale information and will give a viable receipt.

You can pick an alternate shipping address -- including P.O. boxes -- for entire purchases placed through Only NYC Tickets. However, on sales past $750, the seller can decline to ship to a separate address other than the billing address. Furthermore, sellers may want a signed authorization from the customer if they need proof that the shipping address is valid.

Instant tickets generally show as available to download and print once you finish the order. Please account for processing time, which could take as much as one business day. You will see a confirmation email detailing how to view your instant tickets.

To ensure you have the best time in New York City, your tickets come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the event that:


  • The seller never ships your purchased tickets
  • The purchased tickets arrive after the event begins
  • The venue finds your tickets invalid. (The venue must produce confirmable evidence in the form of a written letter.)
  • The event was canceled without a rescheduled date. (Reimbursement does not include shipping fees.)


Usually, tickets on Only NYC Tickets are first-come, first-served. If another customer submits their order before you, your order will end mid-purchase. Unfortunately, you will have to return to that event and attempt to purchase a different seat.

Most sellers are listing multiple groups of seats and can book ticket orders more successfully if they leave off the seating numbers on their listings. Instead, you'll see general rows and larger sections to pick from. Rest assured that your tickets will be situated next to your other tickets unless detailed in the listing.

Since Only NYC Tickets is a resale forum, the first purchaser's name will appear on the ticket rather than yours. However, you will still be admitted to the event because it's the bar code that's needed to enter.

To prevent ticketing scams, the majority of tickets are one-of-a-kind entities. As such, if your tickets are lost, stolen, or ruined you can reach out to the seller to see if they are able to replace lost tickets. However, sales cannot be refunded.

In the case that an event gets totally called off, you are eligible for a complete refund (shipping not refundable). If the event gets put off and set for a new time, your tickets will transfer to the new date.