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Only NYC Tickets Will Find You New York City Tickets -- And Only New York City Tickets

Trying to find things to do in New York City can seem like a chore, especially when you have to wade through the many events going on in distant cities. That’s why we created Only NYC Tickets. We believe that you should get a more personal experience by learning what events are happening in New York City -- and only New York City. That way you can find fabulous tickets quicker, easier and at a great price.


Why Only NYC Tickets Does What We Do

We know that getting tickets can be a frustrating experience. We understand! It can be a drudge to get tickets to a show or play in New York City, when other places have you scroll through events that are in NYC or Chicago. Those cities are a long road trip away, and you want to find out when Taylor Swift or The Lion King is coming to New York City, not the whole tour schedule. Shouldn’t New York City be front and center?


We’re Dedicated To Finding You Things To Do In New York City

Not only does Only NYC Tickets make it simple to find the event you’re searching for -- we also help you find out what’s happening in New York City. Search by artist or category and know that every event shown is only a short drive away.

And you don’t know what show you want to see, but you know when you are available. This is when our calendar of what’s going on in New York City comes in handy. In addition, we’ll share expert tips on places to go for a night out on the town. And if you sign up for our email list or check our blog, you can have regular updates on what events are coming to town.


We Stand By Our Tickets With Our 100% Guarantee

We understand that finding the best seats at a fantastic price doesn’t matter anything if you worry about your tickets being legit and coming in time. That's why Only NYC Tickets stands behind our tickets with a 100% Guarantee. We pledge that your tickets will be valid and arrive in time for the event, or you’ll get your money back. We hope you come back time and time again, and that only occurs when we treat our customers right by putting people before profits by backing every ticket 100%.

Only NYC Tickets Belongs to The Only Local Ticket Network

Only Local Tickets and Only NYC Tickets began in 2021 to give people an easier time with their local ticket buying experience. Our national headquarters is in Carmel, Indiana.